Hymn #164: Arise, Your Light Is Come

Ruth C. Duck (b. 1947) was working on a revision of the traditional next "Rise Up, O Men of God" when this adaptations came to her in 1973.  It marked the beginning of her involvement in hymnwriting.  This was her first text to be accepted for publication in a denominational hymnal.


Ruth Duck was deeply influenced by the evangelical faith and music of her family in Tennessee.  She was nurtured by such groups as Youth for Christ and made her confession of faith at the age of thirteen at a Methodist church in Annapolis, Maryland.

William Henry Walter (1825-1893) composed the tune FESTAL SONG in 1872 for the hymn "Awake and Sing the Song."  It was probably from this connection that the tune received its name.  The hymn appeared in an Episcopal hymnal edited by John Ireland Tucker and in an 1894 revision.


William Walter, born in Newark, New Jersey, showed musical talent at an early age.  While only a boy, he played the organ for two churches in Newark.  He later served as organist at various churches in New York City and was appointed organist at Columbia University in 1865.