Hymn #100: All PRaise Be Yours, My God, This Night

Thomas Ken (1637-1711) wrote this evening hymn for his Manual of Prayers in 1692.  Originally the hymn had twelve stanzas and was sung by school boys at Winchester College, England, for the evening vespers service.  The new foruth stanza was added by Carl P. Daw Jr. in 1992.

Thomas Ken was a devout English bishop.  When King Charles II visited Winchester with his mistress Nell Gwynne, Ken refused the King's demand to allow Gwynne to stay in his home.  Later he refused to take a loyalty oath to King William III and was fired for it.

Thomas Tallis (c.1505-1585) wrote TALLIS' CANON for a version of PSalm 67 in Matthew Parker's Whole Psalter (1561).  The tune, which was number eight in that volume, was described by Tallis as "milde: in modest pace."

Thomas Tallis was a contemporary of other celebrated English church musicians such as Orlando Gibbons, William Byrd, and Christopher Tye.  He served four monarchs as organist and choirmaster at such famous sites as Waltham Abbey, Canterbury, and Chapel Royal.