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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Worship 10:00am in the Sanctuary  

Scripture Reading: Mark 1:21-18

Our text for this Sunday is from the beginning of the Gospel of Mark. Jesus has started doing ministry. He has enlisted the first disciples and has begun traveling with them. Our text begins with Jesus and the disciples in Capernaum. He is teaching in the synagogue, which has become a Sabbath tradition. During his teaching on that given day, Jesus is interrupted by a "man possessed by an evil spirit." After a short interaction with the man, Jesus silences the man, and it appears the spirit leaves the man, or is at the very least silenced. Of course the people present are amazed, wondering how Jesus could accomplish freeing an evil spirit within the man. Evil spirits didn't just live in Jesus' time. Evil spirits exist today, and so close, they could be living in each of us. How might we recognize evil spirits around us, or even within us? How might we approach the spirits today, or would we pray for Jesus to call them out?  
~Eldonna Hazen



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