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Sunday, June 25, 2017  

Sunday Worship 10:00am in the Sanctuary  

Scripture Reading: Genesis 21:8-21

We reach back into the Older Testament this Sunday to the first book of the Bible - Genesis.  We have a story in this text that should give us pause.  Pause to think about how quickly we change our attitude toward others.  In Genesis 16, Sarah (or Sarai) knowing she is not able to have children, offers her servant Hagar to Abraham, so she and Abraham can start their family. Hagar became pregnant and birthed a son named Ishmael.  In chapter 18, Sarah and Abraham learn that she is pregnant, and later will birth a son who is named Isaac.  Following the birth of Isaac, we now have our text for this Sunday.  Sarah asks Abraham to get rid of Hagar and Ishmael, because she doesn't want Ishmael to share the family inheritance.  What does this text tell us about Sarah, about Abraham, and about how we as human beings respond to change?  Where there was once joy, there is now a tearing apart of a family. What might this story say to any given situation today?

~ Eldonna Hazen



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