The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care.

We have been entrusted with the care of our church and faith.  Our time, talents, and financial contributions enable our church and congregation to continue good works in the community, nation, and world.









STEPPING UP Sermon 10/2/2016
Rev. Eldonna Hazen










STEPPING UP Call to Action

How you can help with SCRIP



STEPPING UP with the Offering Plate 10/20/2016

Worship attendance averages a little over 200 a week. If everyone put in $1 in loose change each week, that would be $10,400 in a year, or almost 6% of our STEPPING UP goal.

STEPPING UP with Reach & Renew 10/6/2016

Did you know that the church continues to receive about $11,000 a month from Reach & Renew pledges? If those monthly Reach & Renew pledges were continued as part of the 2017 pledges, it would increase total pledges by $132,000 a year, or 75% of our STEPPING UP goal.

STEPPING UP with an increase 9/29/2016

Did you know that the average pledge amounts to about $9 a day? Increasing the average pledge by just $3 a day will put us on track to exceed our STEPPING UP goal. The STEPPING UP goal is to create a sustainable budget by increasing the level of giving to a level that is realistic to our anticipated expenses.

STEPPING UP with SCRIP 9/22/2016

Woodman's & HyVee SCRIP cards offer a 5% rebate to our church. If 50 families use $200 of SCRIP cards for groceries each week, that would earn $26,000 a year for the church - or almost 15% of our STEPPING UP goal.

STEPPING UP by pledging 9/14/2016

The number of people participating in our church community has increased over the past several years, but the number of pledgers has remained constant at 174 per year. If 35 new givers pledged an average of $500 a year ($10 a week) the church would increase pledges by $17,500 or 10% of our increased 2017 goal.


Email Church Treasurer 

Please mail financial contributions to our church office.

First Congregational United Church of Christ
1609 University Avenue
Madison, WI  53726


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