Jeffrey S. Rabe

Jeffrey S. Rabe is our director of Christian Education for Children and Youth.
A Lakeland College graduate, Jeff received his B.A. in Broadfield Social Studies/History. Jeff loves music, theatre, children's theatre, reading and gardening. Jeff learned to polka and waltz at many Wisconsin weddings, and was always the first picked during phy ed dance class. He also learned a bit about food at those weddings. You can always find the makings of a hot dish in his fridge; cheddar cheese, milk, broccoli, spinach and green onions.

When Jeff was little, he read a book about God erecting a giant clock, gave the pendulum a tap and the world was born. Since then, he’s had an image of God as a clock maker in his mind. His favorite book is The Land Remembers by Wisconsin author, Ben Logan. Jeff loves rereading it, and “cries every fricken time.” As a child, however, his favorite book was Miss Twiggley’s Tree.

Previously Jeff was the Director of Youth Ministries at St. Peter's UCC in Kiel, Wisconsin for eleven years. During his tenure at St. Peter's, Jeff served on the Northeast  Association's Christian Education Committee, led youth leader workshops and confirmation retreats, was a member of the Arts Committee of the Wisconsin Conference, was a General Synod delegate and has directed MADD Camps (music, art, dance and drama) for junior and senior high youth at United Church Camps.

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