Bob Zeier

Bob Zeier is the church's full-time maintenance person. He is responsible for keeping the church in tip top shape - from the bottom-most parts of the deep boiler room all the way to the top, high above the sanctuary. When he was a child, God looked like a light coming out of the clouds with God's beard as part of the clouds. Today he says God looks about the same way to him, though he hasn't found the Creator in the building yet. He admits there's a lot of building to look in.

Bob's favorite website is Craigslist, where he buys and sells musical instruments, and even a few vehicles. However, when asked if he'd rather lose what's stored on his computer or what's in his top desk drawer at work, he admits the top desk drawer would be the hardest to replace - what with all the keys he doesn't know where they go.

Bob's mom, Joan T. Zeier, is a children's book author, and he's read all her books. “Of course my mom wrote them, so I had to read them,” he grins. Bob might use his eyes for reading, but he doesn't when he is playing the drums. He closes his eyes when playing with his heavy metal 80s cover band that plays at benefit concerts around town. His favorite gig however, was Rock Fest in 1997 on the main stage near Oshkosh. “I loved playing in front of that many people, with all those big name bands.”

Bob takes full advantage of the short summers and likes to spend his free time outdoors. He will either be riding his motorcycle through the countryside or kayaking on the Wisconsin river.

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