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Stewardship Campaign

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November 5, 2012 - 8:02pm
Many members have returned their pledge cards for the 2013 annual budget. If you have not yet made your pledge, please bring your pledge card to worship this next Sunday to put in the offering plate, or mail it to the church office, so that we can plan our church's budget for 2013. As we continue to discuss the new opportunities made possible by our successful Reach and Renew capital campaign, your annual pledge will enable us to maintain the ministries and missions that are meaningful to us all, and that will anchor our Reach and Renew work.  More information about how we support church activities can be found on the Stewardship page. 

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Reach and Renew: Next Steps

The heat is on! How wonderful to be warm in our church as the days get colder! Thanks be to God for the generous gifts to the Reach and Renew campaign that provided funds for the replacement of our old failing heating system, for gifts to the Foundation that boosted our total available funding to over $2 million, and for the skills and persistence of the many who have worked hard to ensure that the heating and air conditioning improvements were made as authorized by the congregation.

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A Full and Joyful Season

We are moving towards the end of the Christian year and the fascinating beginning of a new liturgical season. The transition from November to December is more than the passing of months: It is the recognition of the sovereign Christ and the waiting for the infant Jesus. We, your staff, have been thinking hard on how we can hep this significant time be even more exciting and informative for our church. Read more for a rough sketch of what lies ahead.

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Jesus took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them. Mark 10, 16

In my day Sunday School was a terrifying experience. It was all about not getting in trouble, not moving, not speaking, and not doing anything to upset the adults. 

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Madison Area Crop Walk

On October 17, 1969, a thousand people in Bismark, ND walked in what may have been the first-ever CROP hunger walk--and raised $25,000 to help stop hunger.

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Who Is Antrim Caskey?

Antrim Caskey is coming to First Congregational on Friday, October 19th! So, who IS Antrim Caskey?

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First Cong Presents Rev. Dr. Carolyn Pressler

In 1985. the General synod of the United Church of Christ accepted a resolution that called on congregations to declare themselves open to and affirming of gay, lesbian and bisexual people in the full life and ministry of the church. In 1990, a committee was formed at First congregational to study the possibility of becoming an Open and Affirming congregation.

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Caring for our Youngest Members

Nestled in the corner of the third floor of First Congregational's historic building is a room filled with colors and toys and the sounds of children laughing, crying, and playing...the Nursery.

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Adult Education!

You spoke and we listened! Last year the Reach & Renew Membership Renewal Committee, in coordination with the Adult Education Committee invited the congregation to participate in a survey about what and when the church could offer to entice your attendance. The survey revealed the number one time to offer Adult Ed was on Sunday mornings before worship. So we are excited to share a great line-up of offerings for the fall.

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Each Church is Different

Each church is different. Each has its own personality formed over years. This is one reason first church impressions are so important. When someone walks into a church for the first time what is seen, heard, and felt make an enormous difference. Walking into First Congregational a few days ago....

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