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White Privilege: Listening

In the fall of 2016 and the spring of 2017 we offered nine classes using curriculum from the United Church of Christ titled White Privilege: Let's Talk. The UCC curriculum and other outside resources gave us the opportunity to learn about racism and white privilege from an historical perspective. In those classes we were enlightened by those who wrote the curriculum. We also were asked to write a spiritual autobiography through the lens of race.  We were able, during those classes, to share our own perspectives and understandings of race.

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Opportunities Galore!

Adult Education at First Cong takes place in many ways. Short and long-term classes, conversation and support groups, book studies, and prayer practice groups are just some of the ways we continue learning how life and faith intersect. The primary goal of our Adult Education Committee is to provide opportunities that allow us to understand, deepen, and act on our faith. Some upcoming offerings include...

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Epiphany Sunday

This Sunday is Epiphany Sunday, when we celebrate the arrival of the Magi to the manger in Bethlehem. Traditionally, we celebrate the Prison Ministry Project on Epiphany Sunday because when the Magi arrive, they bow down in recognition of a power greater than the secular power they represent. The greater power of the baby in the manger is the power we claim when we go to prison. 

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Hark, the herald angels sing,
"Glory to the Christ-child bring,
Peace on earth and mercy mild,
God and sinner reconciled!"
Joyful, all you saints arise, join the triumph of the skies;
With the angel host proclaim,
"Christ is born in Bethlehem!"
"Hark! The herald angels sing,
"Glory to the Christ-child bring!"

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Opportunities this week at First Congregational

Blue Christmas Service - A Service for Comfort and Light
Wednesday, December 20 in the Student Lounge & Chapel
Potluck at 6:00pm/Service at 6:30pm
When we live in a world surrounded by pain, we often need a place to find hope. Join us for our Blue Christmas Worship and potluck meal. We will begin at 6:00pm with the meal, followed by Worship at 6:30 which includes scripture readings and Advent candles lit to reflect our grief, pain, fears and struggle, whether they are related to the season or just at this moment or time in our life. Come to either or both as your schedule allows.
Homeless Memorial Service
Thursday, December 21 (3:00pm or you can come later)
This interfaith service remembers the homeless in Madison who have died this past year. The afternoon will begin with a short service at the square (East Main & Pinckney) at 3:00pm, followed by a walk around the square with a horse drawn wagon. We will finish at First United Methodist Church for a bread and soup dinner, followed by another short indoor service at First United Methodist Church (203 Wisconsin Ave). Come for part or all of the remembrance.
Sunday, December 24
10:00 am:  Fourth Sunday in Advent Worship Service. We will finish our Fear Not! sermon series and learn WHAT'S IN THE BOX!! After-worship refreshments will be served.
5:00pm:  Family friendly Christmas Eve Service
9:00pm:  Traditional Candlelight Christmas Eve Service
If you can help deliver poinsettias to some of our older members, there will be postcards on the back table with their addresses. Feel free to take the poinsettias any time after the 9:00pm service.

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Christmas Pageant

The X-Mas Files
The Truth is Out There. I Believe.
First Congregational
Christmas Pageant
Sunday, December 17
6:00 pm
A retelling of the traditional nativity story will be offered, with a twist, by the children and youth of First Cong on Sunday, December 17 at 6:00 pm in the Sanctuary. All the children of the Sunday School are invited to be a part of the program. The title "The X-MAS FILES: The Truth Is Out There, I Believe" may offer a hint of the twist being portrayed. Connecting with the sci-fi/mystery theme of the popular TV series, Lox Mulder and Dana Schooly are special agents of the FBI (Faith Bureau of Israel) being sent to investigate three strange, yet seemingly unrelated, phenomenon happening in Bethlehem:

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The Season of Gifting

This last Sunday, we officially kicked off Advent 2017 at First Congregational. We sang Christmas carols before worship, we began What's in the Box?, we began our Advent preaching series, Fear Not!, and we crafted together at the Advent Workshop. Yes, Advent has arrived. With the arrival of Advent, we also have the arrival of the secular season of gifting.  Every family has already begun their shopping for the perfect gift under the tree. What is it that will make the recipient smile in appreciation and joy? We will all spend hours and dollars between the first day we start purchasing gifts, till we come to the end of our list.

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First Art Installation

We have all had the opportunity to see the newly renovated space. We all are living into the space - finding new ways to utilize the multi-purpose space of the Chapel, Student Lounge, and Kitchenette.  Until now, we have not been able to visualize the use of the Chapel space, which was fitted with proper display railings, as a space for art installations. Starting this Sunday, December 3, we will have our first exhibition hung in the Chapel.

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 In a time when we can easily become discouraged by the actions of people around us, the inequalities related to race, religion, disabilities, healthcare, and income, we should use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to look at our own lives, and give gratitude for the blessings we experience.Too often we lose track of the everyday needs we take for granted. Most of us have plenty of food in our cupboards, freezer, or easy access to groceries. We don't stress about where we will sleep at night. We can go to the doctor when needed, and purchase the medication prescribed. We have transportation at our fingertips. We have friends who are willing to provide meals when we are sick or are facing struggles. We have people who are willing to wrap their arms around us when we are overwhelmed. 

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STEPPING UP and MOVING FORWARD Pledge Campaign Update

Thank you to everyone who...

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