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Thanksgiving Day Meals Celebrates 22 Years of Serving

Former members of our congregation Clarence and Bonnie Edwards started the Thanksgiving Day Community Meal in 1991. At first the event was completely run by volunteer coordinators, but it is now under the leadership of the Board of Outreach. The earlier Thanksgiving meals were surved buffet style, but now our guests are seated and are served their meals by our volunteers.

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Because of Your GENEROSITY!

These words now have a very familiar ring in our heads. We have heard them consistently in worship and you should have received a brochure with a personal note from a member of the Stewardship Board, with those words on the brochure.

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Prayer: Connecting & Sustaining

I pray because I can’t help myself. I pray because I’m helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time- waking and sleeping. It doesn’t change God- it changes me.
C.S. Lewis

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For all the Saints!

For all the saints who from their labors rest, who to the world their steadfast faith confessed, Your name, O Jesus, be forever blessed. Alleluia! Alleluia!

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Madison Area CROP Hunger Walk

First Congregational Church will again be hosting the Madison CROP Walk. For 39 years, people from the Madison are have been gathering on a fall day to walk in solidarity with those around the world, and in our own neighborhoods, who have felt the harp pangs of hunger or endured the lasting effects of poverty. "We Walk Because They Walk" has been a long standing phrase in CROP circles.

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Seeking Justice: The House I Live In

The Adult Education Committee, guided by priorities of our Outreach Board, is offering a Seeking Justice movie series. The first movie, Street Pulse, filmed in Madison, addressed homelessness. We now look forward to the second movie in the series, The House I Live In.

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Weaving our Welcome

First Congregational Church has a long history of being an inclusive community, striving to welcome all into its doors and hearts. On Sunday, October 13, we will be weaving two important inclusive ministries together in our worship service.

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What's the "big deal" about the Installation?

Sunday, October 6th at 3:00pm we are all invited to participate in an Installation service affirming the commitment we made together in the call process in January. What is the big deal?

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Because of your Generosity

Since May 26th this year, we have led off our time of offering in worship with the statement Because of your generosity...A member of the congregation has generously volunteered to share something that was/is directly related to the ministry of First Congregational that has been transforming in some way to them personally or something they witnessed that was transformational to others. This time in worship was started by the Board of Stewardship, to help us appreciate the many ways we benefit from the generosity of each other. It may be related to a gift of time, money or sharing our talents, but it ALL helps to make the church stronger in ministry.

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Seeking Justice: A Movie Series

First Congregational has a long history of responding to issues affecting life in the community and beyond. The Adult Education Committee in cooperation with the Outreach Board is excited to offer a movie series related to three issues that are important to our outreach in Madison, state-wide and nationally. The movies will be held on a Friday night in September, October and November. The evening will begin with a light meal at 5:30. Sandwiches/veggies/chips/drinks will be provided, then the movie begins at 6:00pm. Discussion will follow each of the movies. We will also have people knowledgeable on the topic join us during our discussion time. Movies will be held in the Fellowship Room. 

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