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Why do we pass the offering plate?

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. ~ Winston Churchill


Sunday after Sunday, I sit in the front and watch the offering plates passed back and forth across the aisles. People accept the plate if they have something to put in or if someone else in the row has something to give. Many of us today do not bring regular Sunday offerings. We give by checks mailed periodically, we tive by a regular debit to our account, or we give by transfer of stock We give our offerings in a very different way today than we did a couple of years ago when I was a child. So, why do we pass the offering plate?

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Soft on Crime?

The following was an opinon-editorial piece submitted to the Wisconsin State Journal.

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The Missions of 303 Lathrop

One of the many wonderful pieces of the history of First Congregational United Church of Christ, is to understand the importance and the dedication of its members to mission. Although in recent times we have considered the property at 303 Lathrop to be a source of income, the historical use of the house has been mission based. It’s not to say that the leases didn’t produce some source of income, but it is clear from all of the records I read, the rent was always reduced to the lowest possible amount to make the organization as successful as possible. Most of the time it is also clear that the members of the congregation were actively involved in the mission of the organization itself. The following is a summary of the use of 303 Lathrop, with additional information explaining the mission of the program.


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Summer Spiritual Life Series

Join us at First Congo this summer for small group gatherings for fun and spiritual reflection. Contact Ann for more information or to sign up for any of the events. Sign-up sheets are also in the back of the Sanctuary every Sunday.

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Space Utilization Committee Recommendations

This past Sunday after worship, the Space Utilization Committee of the Reach & Renew campaign presented to the congregation its recommendations for us of Reach & Renew funds, along with estimated costs. Here are their recommendations, in order of suggested priority. 

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A Member's Opportunity and Reflection

In March, Chris Schoenwetter was able to attend Ecumenical Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C. Please read her reflections, and then thank her for attending and sharing her experience with us.


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Annual Meeting at First Congregational UCC

Sunday, May 4th was the Annual Meeting of the congregation. At this meeting the regular elections shall take place, the annual reports shall be received and long range plans should be reviewed. Other business, as needed can be addressed at this meeting. The following notes are not intended to be minutes of the meeting, but a summary of what happened at the meeting. The minutes are always available in the church office. 


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Because of your Generosity...

As we approach our Annual Meeting, it is important to reflect on the work of the many boards of the church. We will vote and install leadership of the church this coming Sunday. Some of our board members have completed the maximum number of terms on their given board, others have chosen to re-focus their energies and still others have chosen to join a different board. Whatever position our members are in at this point, I want to recognize the time that has been given by each of our members, whether staying for another term or finishing a term.

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A Message from Ann Beaty

“Because Christian community is founded on Jesus Christ,

it is a spiritual and not a (human) reality. 

In this, it differs from all other communities.”

Life Together; Dietrich Bonhoeffer


I’ve often wondered what it must have been like for Jesus’ followers in those early days following his death. While the gospel accounts vary slightly in the details, it is clear that they were struggling – hurt, confused, stunned, and lost. With Jesus as their teacher and friend gone, they had to re-define community and discover what the present and future would mean as his followers.


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Eldonna on the cover of Isthmus!!

Rev. Eldonna Hazen is the cover story on Isthmus newspaper this week! Read the story on the daily page

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