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One Great Hour of Sharing

Paul's letters remind us as members of the church, we are so closely connected, we can think of ourselves as parts of one body, as a family-brothers and sisters. Our church lives this out when someone is ill, mourning, or facing a crisis. We show up. We show that love in tangible ways, with casseroles and cards, hugs, and spoken words of prayer. These acts of kindness let our brothers and sisters in Christ know that we are present with them. They know that they are not forgotten in their times of trouble. 

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Is Healthcare a privilege or a right?

Our Lenten preaching series follows Jesus as he travels through his short life. We began in Bethlehem at his birth, and moved to Nazareth, where he spent much of his life. Last Sunday he was baptized in the Jordan River, and this week he will begin his ministry in Galilee. As Jesus begins his ministry, it isn't too long until we see how important good health is to Jesus. In his very short career in ministry Jesus is recorded in the Bible doing 31 healings. The healings cover a wide range of infirmities. He heals people who are blind, people with demons, a woman who had bleeding issues, a son with epilepsy, people who were ostracized with leprosy, and even someone with arthritis. Not once, in any of these healings does Jesus require those healed to give something to him. He gives the gift of health freely, without requiring anything in return.  He restores health to individuals, and by extension we also hear of healthy families.

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Bobby Jo Valentine Concert

Event Date: 
March 3, 2017 - 6:00pm


A Generosity Based Concert With

Bobby Jo Valentine - March 3 - 6:00pm Pizza and Potluck Supper, 7:00pm Concert

First Cong welcomes back Bobby Jo Valentine to perform for us after our Pizza Potluck this Friday. Bobby Jo has been designated "Songwriter of the Year" by the West Coast Songwriter's Association. Somewhere deep in the heart of everything lies a melody. It speaks to our truest selves, binds us together with the ones we love, and brings out the best part of who we are. 

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The Crossing

Sunday, February 19th, worship will include leadership by students from The Crossing. The Crossing is a campus ministry here at UW Madison. Matter of fact it is a short walk down University Avenue. First Congregational annually provides financial support to this ministry. Plus, we provide Sunday night meals on occasion. Quest Coordinator for The Crossing Samantha Moritz will be preaching on Sunday. 

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When does love start/stop?

Over the last several days many people have expressed great fear about the policies being overturned or instituted by the new administration in the United States. These fears come from seeing policies put in place that fail to honor a person's heritage, and even single out and exclude people on the basis of religion. We are called to love and care for the stranger, so this is chilling to the very core of our faith foundation. How are we called to act on our beliefs? How do we support our brothers and sisters?  Now is the time to turn our fear into courage.

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From Madison to Kenya: via Leigh Vierstra

This Sunday First Congregational will have a great opportunity to hear about PA-MOJA, a project that connects people and wildlife. More importantly, it is connecting students from East High School in Madison to Malek Secondary in Laikipia, Kenya. Leading the program for East High School is our very own Leigh Viersta. Many of you remember Leigh as a child of First Cong, but she has also been supported by First Cong in her personal growth. In 2006 Leigh traveled to the Marshall Islands, as a teacher. You might remember Leigh brought back baskets as a gift to the church. We use these baskets to collect our offering the first Sunday of every month. It is our honor to promote this adventure of learning for youth in the PA-MOJA Project.

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Women (and allies) are Marching on January 21!

Event Date: 
January 21, 2017 - 11:30am
Following the November elections, women from around the country spontaneously responded with plans to march on Washington.  What has resulted is a national march in Washington, DC, along with more than 200 companion marches in other US cities and more than 50 such marches internationally.

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The UCC Helping Lead the Sanctuary Movement in the Trump Era

The United Church of Christ has a new prophetic calling in our new political reality. After a vitriolic campaign season during one of the most controversial elections in U.S. history, many are worried about what's to come, especially those who found themselves targets in a strategy to mobilize voters through scapegoating immigrants, refugees and Muslims. This harsh rhetoric, paired with concerning Cabinet appointments, shows a growing agenda of white supremacy, patriarchy, misogyny, racism and environmental degradation that will impact vulnerable populations in potentially devastating ways. 

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Donating Used Coats for People Being Released From Jail

From now until January 16 we are collecting used coats for people being released from the Dane County Jail. Please bring your used coats to church any time before January 16, and we will deliver them as part of our Dr. Martin Luther King Day celebration. There will be collection boxes in the Sanctuary and in the parking lot entrance. Here is why:

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Gratitude & Challenge

As we approach the end of 2016 and set our sights on 2017, it is important to take time to reflect on the past and imagine the possibilities ahead. I encourage all of us to take a few minutes to write down (not just hold in our head) all we have been grateful for in 2016. We have had times of pain, frustration and challenge, but I would guess even in those moments, there have been people or events that have given us reason to be grateful. It's always amazing to me that people who come to the church needing assistance have no problem listing all of the ways they are grateful. Gratitude is energizing! Gratitude can help us push the "reset" button in our lives and in our relationships. The New Year gives us opportunity to begin anew. How many pages can you fill? 

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