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World Communion Sunday

Imagine, as you take communion Sunday, being in community with the world. A world that is very different from us, yet united by the bread and juice we will share. It is in that community we will be united to remember Jesus, who is our guiding principle of love, acceptance, grace and forgiveness.

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A Day of Fellowship

This Sunday provides a unique opportunity for us to be together with our church community in a number of ways. The day begins with the STEPPING UP Pancake Breakfast, starting at 8:30am, sponsored by the Stewardship Board. The breakfast is intended to be a time to celebrate the friendships we have already made, and to cultivate new friendships with people we have never met, or have not had the chance to chat with in another setting. The Stewardship Board works hard to provide many food choices, including gluten-free pancakes. Oh, and of course there will be plenty of coffee to wake you up!

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Upcoming Educational Opportunities

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.

~ Benjamin Franklin

 I love learning - maybe even more now than I did when I was officially enrolled in school! Participating in Adult Education opportunities at First Cong is one way we continue to learn spiritually as we engage our head, heart and hands. It is also a time to meet some great people on this path with us and learn more about how we can serve in the community. It takes intention and effort to make space in our calendars for these classes, but the investment is worth it! We have a great fall line-up of options. Please take the time to consider attending one of more of these upcoming classes.

~Ann Beaty

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Visitors in the Neighborhood!

The 2016 school year is in full swing! Classes have started, the streets are buzzing, and we have visitors joining us on Sunday mornings. As you know, we start every worship service by saying, "Whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey you are welcome here." But I know there are always questions in people's minds, does that mean me? The answer to that question is - yes it does mean you --- and everyone else, member or visitor! I hope you have noticed new faces with us on Sunday mornings and have taken the opportunity to introduce yourself. If you have not noticed new faces, now is the time to start looking around. We have had new faculty and new students joining us. Please take a few minutes to introduce yourself. Ask for their name and what brought them to Madison. They might just be visiting, but they might have moved here. Either way, it gives you a chance to strike up a conversation, to remember their name, and to greet them again on another Sunday. What if they are a member and not a visitor? Sounds like a perfect occasion to get to know another member!

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Back to School Blessing of the Backpacks

School starts this week, so it's time to bring your backpacks to church 

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Sunday School Begins!

Sunday, September 11 marks the beginning of the Fall Semester of the Sunday School. Regular Sunday classes will again be offered for children age 3 (by Sept 1) through 6th Grade. Children participate in Worship with their families up until the Time With Children, after which they move on to their classes.

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Stepping Up: Stewardship 2016

Dear First Cong Family,
Before becoming involved in  the Executive Council a couple of years ago, I did not pay much attention to the church's finances.  They seemed pretty complicated, and I figured that knowledge was the purview of a few experts-the treasurer, the book keeper, and a handful of really dedicated members who actually read the annual financial reports. 

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Rainbow People Regrouped

Ten plus years ago First Cong had a group of LGBTQ Friends and Allies called Rainbow People that met monthly after worship for potluck lunch together. Sometimes the group had programming. Sometimes it was just a social gathering. Over the years, attendance at these gatherings diminished. The unspoken word seemed to be that the group was not needed anymore. Everyone felt comfortable and at home in the congregation. 

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Who is Rick Raemisch and Why is He Coming to First Congregational on September 23?

Rick Raemisch is the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections and the leading advocate for the reform of solitary confinement in this country. He is coming to First Congregational to be the keynote speaker at the celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of The Prison Ministry Project.

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Youth Mission Trip Report

A group of First Cong High School Youth, accompanied by Ann Beaty and Jeff Rabe, spent a week in St. Louis, MO for their Summer Mission Trip. These annual trips give youth a chance to do service work, explore a new environment, and build community within the group. Eden Seminary was home base for the trip.

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