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MLK Day "ONE DAY" Weaving Hope

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January 21, 2019 - 9:00am
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Children's Service Day
Monday, January 21st.
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Celebrate Accessibility Sunday

Each Sunday we begin worship with the phrase, "Whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here." This is a beautiful phrase, but the beauty of the phrase is the way First Congregational tries to live out the words of the phrase with action. 9 years ago, an Accessibility Committee was formed in the church. This committee is committed to making the church's physical plant, programming, and worship accessible to all.

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3 Great Loves/3 Great Gifts

This Sunday the Stewardship Board will kick off the campaign season with a Pancake Breakfast! Yum, how can it get any better than that? Present and former members of the Stewardship Board and volunteers will prepare a delicious breakfast, and our members will provide outstanding fellowship for the event. The campaign slogan for this year is 3 Great Loves/3 Great Gifts.

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Volunteer Sunday!

This Sunday we will celebrate the people who volunteer time at the church. We have many people who invest their precious time to serve others.

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A Leap of Faith and Learning

This week marks a return to school for many Madison area students. As I was stopped in a school crossing on my way to work Tuesday, I witnessed a wonderful "first-day" interaction. A daycare van pulled up to the curb of an elementary school and the kids tumbled out. I watched as one child from the van saw an adult he recognized from the school staff. He ran down the sidewalk, and leapt up into her arms for a big hug! It warmed my heart to think about what a special relationship one can have with learning - especially if there are strong relationships that support learning.

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More Than Death

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

Norman Cousins

Last Saturday the nation received the news that Senator John McCain had lost his life a year after he had been diagnosed with brain cancer. He has rarely been seen in the last year as he went through treatment, but he stayed as engaged as possible with his work in the Senate. Since his death he has been hailed as a maverick and hero. He was a man known to embody the words character, integrity, courage, and honesty. Whether you agreed with him politically or not, he was a man that spoke truth, was invested in the good of all people, and wasn't afraid to say he had made a mistake if proven wrong. Senator McCain's death is a loss to his family and friends, because they loved and cherished him. But because he was a man of principle, his voice and challenges will be missed on the wider stage.

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Sunday School Kicks Off September 9!

Many thanks go out to the adults who gave of their time and talents to make the Summer Sunday School program a success! The Summer Theme of WAYZ 2 PRAYZ took the children on several different paths to explore ways people pray to, and praise God. Praying and Praising through service, students made cards for residents of an area nursing home and baked cookies for those in our community who are homeless. Children learned about pilgrimages and journeys to find God by walking the Labyrinth. Using drums, students experienced 'making a joyful noise' as part of an ensemble or community. Offering praise was also shared through movement and dance. The Summer program wrapped up with the children experiencing the mysteries of the call of God, through an art project that took an unexpected turn.

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Prison Ministry Restorative Justice Program

Fifteen years ago I was in prison. I had been invited to go inside the hundred year old walls of the prison in Green Bay to be part of something called Restorative Justice. That was all I knew. I stayed for three days, and those three days changed my life. I sat in a circle with thirty inmates, twenty volunteers and three survivors of violent crime.

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Team Comma Rides Again!

Last weekend Team Comma was on the road again, raising funds for AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW). This year Team Comma consisted of Sue Jones, Kristin Kanitz, Paul Karch, and Jeanne Marshall. The ride kicked off on Friday morning and returned at the end of three days and 250 miles for a celebration at the closing ceremonies sunday afternoon. The ride is critical in raising funds to support people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Versatility of the Renovated Chapel

If there is anyone who is still wondering if the church made the right decision about renovating the Chapel space, let me review what has happened in the space over the last month.

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